My LDKS Experience

Hello guys !

This is my, I don't know, maybe fifth or sixth blog but nevermind, and for you all, keep reading my blog okey, don't get bored to read my blog because I will posts many excited blog for you all, stay tune !!

For this time I'm gonna tell you about my experience in Rindam III/Siliwangi, when me with my SMA 3 schoolmates attended Latihan Dasar Kepemimpinan Siswa or LDKS. The purpose why LDKS was held is to make SMA 3 students more spry, more discipline, and more responsibility. Here we were taught to respect and appreciate the time. We also being educated to become a leader in the future. We stayed in Rindam Siliwangi for 3 days 2 nights. 

So we've come on the First Day!

On Thursday, September 29th we ordered to arrived in Rindam at 5:30 (it's still too morning right ?). I was still sleepy for that. I went from my house at 5 o'clock with my father drove the car. I was a bit confuse because I didn't know exactly where I have to gather with my friend but then I found my friend's car and finally reached the gather point. I came down from the car and say goodbye to my father. I was talking with friend's when the senior called us to moved to Mundinglaya Hall. We were ordered to line up according to height. 

After we arrived to Mundinglaya Hall, we held the opening ceremony of LDKS and got some briefing from the soldiers and the committee about where we sleep, where we take the meal, and some activities that we gonna do during at Rindam III / Siliwangi. Then, we were divided into a few group. Each group got their own barrack. My barrack was at Iswahyudi V so my group were sleep in Iswahyudi V. After we knew barrack from each group, we directly went to each barrack to kept our bag. Each person got one bed and one locker, but I didn't got the locker huhuhu.... so I put my bag on the bed, same as my friends did, and we ordered to came back to Mundinglaya Hall because it will be held a seminar on overcoming violence in teenagers.

We have to line up with own group every time we move from one place to another place, and we have to sang national song when we start walked, like Halo-Halo Bandung or Sabang Sampai Merauke. Then after the seminar has done, we moved to dining room. Mealtime for me is the most awaited time, but it also one of the time I didn't like. Of course, after we did many activities in Rindam, we felt hungry and thirsty, but I didn't like the way the committee apply the rules at meals to us at all. When we eat, we are taught about table manners, like how we sit, how do we take the foods and drinks, and how we use the spoon. We were also taught to start and end the meal with a prayer, take the food wisely, do not talk during meals, and others. Actually, I had no problem with the rules, but at the moment we were trying to enjoy our meal, there was always a sound like "KURANGI DENTINGANNYA!!", "DUDUK TEGAK SISWA!!", "PANDANGAN LURUS KEDEPAN", "SENDOK MENGHAMPIRI MULUT BUKAN MULUT MENJADI SENDOK!!"... oh sorry I mean "SENDOK MENGHAMPIRI MULUT BUKAN MULUT MENGHAMPIRI SENDOK!" and more. How we want to finish our meal in peace and fast if we always being yelled like that??  

Then, after we finished the meal we moved to the field to did PBB activities. PBB is the rules when we line up or in Bahasa we called it Peraturan Baris-Berbaris. We started PBB activities from we finished our meal and end the activities when Ashar adzan has came. After we finished PBB, we went to mosque to did Ashar pray. In mosque, we could relax and sleep for a few minutes. Beside, in the mosque we would not hear the shout from the committee hehehe....

The next activities was clean-up (I think clean-up supposedly the most "pewe" time or the most pleasant and cozy time for me but it turned to be the most hated time for me ). Until now I still wonder, what would you do when you want to clean-up your body but you are given only 3 minutes to do it ? Maybe by just changing clothes then our time is up, right ? That's what we felt in Rindam WKWK. I was just washed my face with foam, changed my clothes, and brushed my teeth if there was still enough time. The students who has finished clean-up have to line-up again and wait until all of us finish. Oh yeah, I forget to tell you. If one of member in one group make a mistake, then that mistake will be borne or be shared by all members of the group. One mistake paid with one push-up. Any mistake will be counted and will be paid either at the moment or at night before bed. After clean-up, we went to dining room for meal and moved to mosque to pray Maghrib and Isya after we finished the meal. 

Before we went to barrack for bed, we were ordered to moved to Mundinglaya Hall because there will be voting event to choose the leader of 3'2019. There were 15 nominees from all class !! Usually in voting event there are maximum only 5 nominees, but this was 3x more than usual. The result was unbelievable and amazing because Arafah won the vote !! Most of 3'2019 (including me) were chose Arafah to become the leader 3'2019, and Fakhry MK, also my friend from IPA 3 were selected to be the vice leader of 3'2019. I think that's amazing vote because from all of the nominees, Arafah had the most successor team wkwkw. 


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