Dewa Athena

Dewa Athena is competition or inter-class tournament in sport which aims to foster sportsmanship, foster teamwork and improve the taste of the spirit of sport in students. Dewa Athena held on 23 & 24 March for 3'2018, 25 March & 1st April for 3'2019, and the winner from 3'2018 and 3'2019 in each sports will be face in the final on 8 April 2017. There are 11 sports are played, namely men's futsal, women's futsal, gobak sodor, tarik tambang, relay race, volleyball, basketball, men's dodgeball, women's dodgeball, men's badminton and women's badminton. Dewa Athena held in Lapangan Bali. 

First Day of Dewa Athena (25th March)

Today was the first day of my class competed in Dewa Athena. On this day, we played women's futsal, gobak sodor, tarik tambang, men's futsal, relay race, basketball, and men's badminton. For volleyball, women's badminton, men's dodgeball , and women's dodgeball, we'll play it in the next week as we are in by in the chart. Luckily, today I played in all sports, except women's futsal, of course.  

Acceleration 15th began their journey in Dewa Athena with a basketball game against Science 6 Class. Yahya, dio, Raihan, Ernest, adn I (if I'm not mistaken) were the starting five for this match. For 20 minutes of the game, eventually we lost againts Science 6 class by a score of 12-4. But in this match, Yahya made a outstanding 3 points shoot !!
Next game was gobak sodor againts Science 4 class. Unfortunately, in this second game we also have to lost from Science 4 with score 1-0. I only play when the defense part, because I've to get ready to participate in relay race.

Relay race was my third game. Dio, Adeline, Gita, and I were playing in this race. Dio in 1st post, Adel in 2nd post, Gita in 3rd post, and I were in the final post. Science 9 class was our opponent. This match was postponed because runner from Science 9 was late to come. In this game, Dio made a good start, Adeline and Gita also did the best when running, and in the end I touched the finish line before Science 9 runner yeay. Our class were going through to the next round.

What's the next game ? Oh ya, men's badminton was my next game. Ernest and I faced Science 8 and at that moment I've already out of energy and out of idea :( but nevermind I'll do it for Acceleration class. This game was a tough game, with 3 rounds and exhausting game, we won this match.... Men's badminton also going through.

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