ESPN FC News : Ronaldo handed 5-match ban

Host : Mark Donaldson
Commentator : Craig Burley

Resume :
Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo handed 5-match ban from Spanish Football Federation because his  action on Sunday 13th Super Copa de Espana 1st leg match between Real Madrid against Barcelona in Camp Nou. After his goal that took Real Madrid lead for 2-1, he got his first yellow card because he took off his shirt to celebrated the goal with the teams. Then about 5 minutes later he got his second card, because the referee thought he dived on the penalty box, while Cristiano thought otherwise. He gave “a little push” to referee as a form of annoyance before being sent off, and that’s the reason behind the 5-match ban.

For most football fans, especially for Madrid’s fans, Cristiano didn’t dived and the 5-match ban was a huge punishment that doesn’t make sense, but not for Craig Burley. Craig states he thinks Cristiano Ronaldo's 5-match ban is "just right," adding that players should never lay hands on a referee. “Regardless of 'slight violence towards referee', violence remains violence, which the punishment is 4-match ban for the minimum, and the worst is 12”, said Craig. Mark complain that in Celtic or in Scotland or maybe in England we can have some fun with the referee but then Craig said “ We have to respect the officials. You can’t touch the referee, you can’t land your hands on him, cause we’re not in the case like rugby, when the players can call the referee ‘sah’”.
With this suspension, Ronaldo will pull over in the second leg at the Santiago Bernabeu on Wednesday
 (16/8) future. He is also not allowed to play in the opening four parties of La Liga Spain 2017/8 againts
Deportivo La Coruna, Valencia, Levante, and Real Sociedad.


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