Did you know about Megantara ? 
Did you visit Megantara ?
If you didn't visit it, I am gonna tell you about Megantara and also my little story to be Logistics Committee for Megantara...

Megantara is a Indonesia cultural festival organized by SMA Negeri 3 Bandung. This event was held in Lapang Bali on September 10 2016. The purpose of convening this event is to introduce to us about the culture of five major provinces in Indonesia, including Sumatra, Java, Sulawesi, Kalimantan/Borneo and Papua. Another purpose of this event is to remind us thas we, as the Indonesian people are required to to preserve and mantain the authenticity of the Indonesian culture, and I'm very happy that I can contribute to the success of this event. I've been several times organize festival and to be a committee too, but Megantara is the most magnificent, most crowded, and the best festival I've ever organized !! So happy !! I'll be waiting for the next festival from SMA Negeri 3 Bandung. 

It turned out to be a logistics committee in Megantara was not too difficult ya hahaha. Just raised my hands up at the OSIS extracurricular demo, we were given a bracelet by the committee and we've included as a Megantara committee. When re-registration was held, we just need to show the bracelet and can choose any division that was still available. So, I chose logistics division because I love work a lot, I like to buy any stuffs, and enjoy when our head committee ordered me and my logistics mates anywhere.

Approximately 40 days prior to implementation, the core committee held the PLENO to introduced Megantara to grade 10 committee as well as explained the details, from the budget, performers, stage, until the task per division. After that, the grade 10 committee were ordered to make small groups. The group can consist of 4-5 people. Each group is given the task to did the Door to Door, which was raising funds to increase the budget of Megantara, where I, Faza, Khidir, Diaz, and Fachri were in the same group, and this moment was one of the best moments for me to be the Megantara committee.

Actually, my mates and I were really worked as a logistics committee about a week before Megantara. During that week, the head of logistics division, Kang Fadil, divided all of the logistics committee to several groups and then each of us got a job and items that must be bought each group. Since two days before Megantara, we the grade 10 logistics committee have been allowed to get a dispensation to help the core committee if they need items that have not been available. On the last day before Megantara, we worked from morning until late at night. Some committee were stayed in Lapang Bali, and the rest went home. I along with 4 mates chose to stay at Faza house because his house is not too far away from Lapang Bali. We ordered 3 boxes of domino's pizza, 1 box of sausage roll, 1 box bread sticks, and 2 lite drinks. We ate together, we took a bath and we went to bed because we have to get ready for tomorrow morning.

September 10 2016. The main event was getting ready when we realized that we woke up late. All of the committee should gather at 5:00 and we already woke up at 4:30!! We took a bath and tidy up our clothes as fast as we could. After that we got inside Faza's car. Before went to Lapang Bali, we visited M'cDonalds to have a breakfast with burger. Of course we bring it to the car, we didn't eat the burger in M'cD because we were in hurry. After finishing our breakfast inside Faza's Car, we went to Lapang Bali and gather with others committee.

The clock showed the time at 9 am, and according rundown of events, the ongoing events at that time was the parade. Me with logistics committee were still waiting on stage because the main event has not yet begun. Suddenly my friend Brama called me. He said that RAN, one of the performers in Megantara need 3 electric sockets and they need it as soon as possible. At the same time, Changcuters and RAN also requires a goodie bag for stored their towels when they perform. So me and Brama quickly found for friend's motorcycle. Because Wildan was in the park area with his motorcycle, so I borrow his bike and I rode it with Brama to Dago wkwkw. Because we were in hurry, I remembered that Borma Dago was usually opened at that time, and my guess was right. We quickly bought 3 electric sockets and goodie bag and paid for it. Then we came back to stage and gave it to Kang Fadil. 

And for the next, of course, we as a logistics committee were didn't stop to work. We sometimes stayed on the stage, alternating went to school for transporting goods, went back out to buy goods, and sometimes we were told by another committee to find the goods they need. At the momment we were like the porters who ordered to seek or take goods. Hahaha honestly tiring but it's fine because I enjoyed it. At work too, we also saw that many people have came to Megantara. The stands were more crowded than before. Schoolmates, my junior high school friend, my mother, my uncle, most of the people who I know came to Megantara.

I thought I would work and work until the evening, and of course it's boring. But just before Changcuters perform, there was a moment that I can not forget in Megantara. About at 8 o'clock, at the momment Faza called Khidir and he told me and Khidir to meet him in Principal Room. Khidir and I had to walked back from Lapang Bali to SMA 3. When we arrived, suddenly we realized that RAN was waiting there. Faza told us that the RAN still lacks some items. Faza told us to told Diaz about this because Diaz who buy goods for RAN. When we were about to went out from SMA 3, Nino RAN asked us where the event is held. We told him where Megantara was held. At that moment we asked for photos with him hehehe. (Because opportunity does not come 2 times, right? You can see the picture below).

So, after that we came back to stage, gather with others, and all committee watched Changcuters and RAN perform. Me ? I went into the crowd and I watched with "her", hehe..., and happy ending for MEGANTARAA !!!

Well that's all from me for this story. Thank you for reading. See you on my next blog !!

Here some of my photos from Megantara.....


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