My Unforgettable Moment

My Unforgettable Moments

Hasil gambar untuk mekkah

After seeing that picture, can you imagine what kind of story that would I share to you ? 
I will share you my unforgettable moment, that momment is when I visited Mekkah to go Umroh with my family...

Actually, my parents have been planning to go Umroh since I was 7th Grade, is about 2 years before I went to Mekkah. Thanks God, that plan can be realized when I was on semester break. It took date from January 8th until January 16th 2016. My parents and I went to Mekkah and Madinah with Hasbi Tour Travel. We went there only one small group, including my family, my ustadz family, and one of my father's friend, so I didn't have many trouble when introducing myself to each other. Our group only consist 8 people.

Before we went there, we held some meeting first to talked about procedures of Umroh, what accomodation that we got there, which places that we gonna visit there, and what should we bring from Indonesia to Mekkah and Medinah for 7 days. After meeting, everything needs to be taken and all the administration that must be resolved were all taken care of by my parents. I was just take care of my bag and pack everything that I'm gonna bring. Very simple, right ? Hehe.

On January 8th 2016, our group went to Masjid Al-Irsyad first. We held some pray together before we take off from Soekarno-Hatta International Airport. From Masjid Al-Irsyad, we went to Soetta Airport. It tooks about an hour because there was a little bit traffic jam. Then, we arrived to Soetta Airport and we do some checking the goods by airport officer, checking passports, boarding passes, and others. I'm sorry because it's too many and too complicated for me to explain it one by one. I know I'm not very good about rules in airport.... After waited in waiting room for 2 hours, our plane arrived and ciao!!

This travel was the longest and also the most comfort travel I've ever been. It tooks about 12 hours from Indonesia to Medinah !! But don't worry because the Saudia Airline provide good service and comfort for passengers, including soft chairs, tv, headset, and I like the most was the food. During the trip we were given consumption by 2x, 1x heavy and 1x appetizer / dessert. My favorites menu were Saudia Lasagna, Saudia Chicken Rice, and Saudia Omelette. I even slept up to 4x on the plane because I ate too much chicken rice.

We arrived in Prince Mohammad Bin Abdulaziz International Airport Medinah on January 9th 2016. We arrived at 01:30 Saudi Arabia time (after this I use Saudi Arabia Time if I mention time/clock). From the airport, we went out from the airport and was immediately directed to the bus that bring us to the hotel. My group stayed at the Millenium Al-Aqeeq Hotel. Because that was the first time I visited Saudi Arabia, I felt something strange because while on the way to hotel, alongside the street I only saw sand and rocks... The only trees that could you see was only palm trees and cactus. Then I realized that "this is not Indonesia which have so many trees alongside the street, but this is Saudi Arabia which is very different with my country ".

Finally about 2:15 my bus arrived to my hotel. Fyi my hotel is very close with Masjid Nabawi. The distance between my hotel to Masjid Nabawi is only 200 meter. We stayed there for 4 days. I like the hotel a lot because the room is comfortable, cozy, and spacious so I could chose which bed would be mine HAHA just kidding. Their waiters also very polite and they are fluent to speak Indonesia, even one of them can speak Sundanese... I was amazed also wonder about that but it's okey. 

My opinion about Medinah and Masjid Nabawi ? Magnificient !! I love this place. I also love Mekkah and Masjidil Haram. The sun may shine and dazzle, but you didn't feel the heat ! There we can feel bright but also cool and windy. I just feel smooth and relax. The situation made me more peaceful when we pray together, or when we read Quran. Can you imagine all of Muslim people are gather in one country ? I think if Masjid Nabawi and Masjidil Haram were combined, it can be make 1 countries !
And for the rest days,my group went to Mekkah, stayed at Shafwa Orchid Hotel, did Umroh activity, and bought a lot of souvenir (of course it was my mom HEHEHE). Oh yes, one more memorable moment... I celebrated my birthday in Saudi Arabia, because my birthday was on January 14th 2016 yeyy. I'm so happy because I think, not every people can celebrate their birthday in The Holy City, right ?

Then on January 15th my group went back to Indonesia with Saudi Arabia Airlines from King Abdulaziz International Airport, Mekkah. We took about 12 hours again from Saudi Arabia to Indonesia (of course I enjoyed the flight because I ate Saudia Chicken Rice again wkwk). Finally at 14:30 Indonesia time we arrived at Soekarno-Hatta International Airport. Subhanallah, it's a perfect trip and excited moment for me. I hope me and my big families can come to The Holy City again.

Here some of my photos from Saudi Arabia.... 


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