World Tournament & Techno Fest (WTTF)

World Tournament & Techno Fest, WTTF for short
it is an event held by OSIS SMAN 3 Bandung (SIE 9 & 10 OSIS LXIII)

in the 'Belitung Barat' galaxy  there were two planets, BB32018 and BB32019.
Both of them had never encountered before. one day, those planets received an invitation to visit a planet named O633 
on Saturday, August 20th 2016 
06.30 AM
Lapangan Bali SMAN 3 Bandung

'it will be the battle you'll never forget!' committee said.
The participant of WTTF are X & XI grader
Each class get their own opponent.
BB32018 would fight against BB32019
Mostly, the class ( X & XI) with the same number were opponent
X MIPA 3 *my class, selected to fight against XI MIPA3

in wttf there were 10 posts around the 'world'. 
in each post there would be many games that different
we had to play a game and win to get a piece of puzzle.
almost all of the post, X MIPA 3 won against XI MIPA 3.
XI MIPA class was my favorite post, on that post we played video game (tekken).
  1-2 , my class didn't win it.

in the end, we gather in soccer field and chase the alien to take puzzles
after that, we (BB32019) arranged the puzzle.

This is photo of my class...


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